The Goats!

Ah, the goats … the stars of the show! Where do our goats come from? Well, after starting out with standard (large) dairy goats, Kristen started raising Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in 2011. Nigerian dwarves are miniature dairy goats. They excel in high butterfat milk production in a small package. They’re adorable, colorful, smart, and have wonderful personalities, making them perfect for children and families. The goats of Goat Gurus come from Kristen and Justin’s farm, Terra Bella Ranch (facebook: Terra Bella Ranch). Kristen milks these goats year round and makes many goats milk products, including goats milk soap, which can be found at Goat Gurus events. Our goats simply love attention and interacting with people of all ages. They will never complain to take some goat treats from you!

DSC_0584 (2)