A group of friends who came together and created Goat Gurus because they love their goats, fitness, and helping others and their local community.

  • Kristen: an occupational therapist by day and a dairy goat farmer by night. Kristen and her husband love animals … they has several dogs, too many Nigerian Dwarf goats to count, 3 quarter horse mares, and a few registered miniature therapy horses. Kristen spends every minute she can outside on the farm with her ‘furbabies’. She loves being an occupational therapist and helping people to live as independently and successfully as possible. Kristen is typically the ‘goat wrangler extraordinaire’ at Goat Gurus events.
  • Wendy: an occupational therapy assistant, wife, mother of 2, and group fitness instructor with training in group yoga. Wendy has 2 Australian Shepherds and has learned through Kristen and Katie that she loves goats and horses as well! She loves working out and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Along with Kristen, she enjoys working in mental health and helping people achieve their best whole self. Wendy is the yoga instructor at Goat Gurus events.
  • Katie: an Army wife, mother of adorable infant Josie (who often comes to events!), Masters of Public Health graduate student, equestrian, and dairy goat farmer. Katie is a true homesteader and enjoys growing her own fruits and vegetables, canning, making many goats milk products, and baking. She believes that it is best for people to get back to their roots of producing their own food – you are what you eat! Katie is often the ‘goat whisperer’ at Goat Gurus events.

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